This is a chance for those individuals who do not have a team to play for.

The South Bay Sports soccer leagues provide fun year-round. Think you've past your prime? Not with South Bay Sports, come relive those days of youth. Bring the orange wedges and experience Outdoor Soccer like no other, with South Bay Sports Soccer Leagues you can enjoy a variety of leagues. Each night we are either playing 7v7 Coed Leagues (4males, 3 females), 7v7 Coed Leagues (5males, 2 females), 7v7 Men's Leagues, Over 30 7v7 Men's league, and 11v11 Adult Men's league.

Sign up by yourself or with a whole team and have a real "kick" this season.

How our Free Agent Registration works.

  • Fill out the Free Agent Registration Form >> and we will either put together a team, or you may be drafted by another team.
  • Your profile will be posted to the designated sport you select for Team Managers to view.
  • If you are drafted, the Team Manager will contact you and will let you know when you can play next. The Team Manager is responsible for notifying SouthBaySports, that he or she has drafted a free agent.
  • If there are not enough free agents drafted, then SouthBaySports will attempt to form a team with the remaining agents.

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